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Got will? Paying the just and legal debts of your estate . . .

A will should include directions to your Executor, the person you nominate to execute the provisions of your will, to pay your "just and legal" debts. Keep in mind, statutes of limitations apply to debts, too - and you don't want your Executor to pay a debt if the time for the creditor to collect it expired before you did.

If you don't have a will, contact Gray and Duning to make an appointment. For simple wills as well as other estate planning instruments, we can provide your legal services on the same day. If you call before the close of business on February 12 to set up an appointment and mention LinkedIn, we'll draft a simple will, power of attorney, durable medical power of attorney and living will for you for $300.00. The appointment will last no more than two hours and you'll leave with basic estate planning documents in place. Contact Tia at (513) 932-2871 to set up an appointment.

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